Tips for Creating Engaging Content: A Step by Step Guide

Writing content for your business webpages and social media channels can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. In this blog we will outline five easy-to-follow steps for creating engaging content that not only gets your business seen, but actively solves problems for your audience.

Understand your Target Audience

Before creating any type of content, it is an absolute must that you understand your target audience. Without a clear picture of your audience, you really can’t begin to create anything engaging and relevant. How can you write for your audience if you do not know who they are.

This step might sound too obvious, but not writing for a clearly defined target audience is a mistake you really shouldn’t make.

Consider some basic demographics when defining your audience. Are your audience members primarily male or female? Are they over 18, or are you trying to reach an adolescent audience? Are you trying to reach business professionals or new students? When you understand your demographics, you can do more in-depth research related to that general demographic and create highly relevant content.

When you understand your audience, it becomes clear to both your business and your audience why you are creating this content in the first place. Any content you create should increase your awareness, but also highlight problems and offer effective solutions. If you don’t know the audience, you don’t know their problems.

Craft an Interesting Title

Consider the reader when crafting a title and subheadings in your content. To inspire engagement, you need to create interesting content. With a well-crafted title, you increase the likelihood that a user will click on your content, which will drive more relevant traffic to your website.

Most, if not all of us, are guilty of mindlessly scrolling through social media pages without giving one post and the next a second thought. Try to craft a title that grabs a user’s attention, so that they will take a few minutes to read your content. Bear in mind that even when a person has clicked into a blog post, they are still likely to skim through the information. Get your message more effectively by writing interesting and alluring sub-headings that make your visitor want to read each section of your blog.

Remember – writing interesting and provocative titles does not mean ‘clickbait’. A great title is one that gives a clear idea of what the post will be about, while also instils curiosity in your audience so they will want to investigate further.

Use Clear, Easy to Understand Words and Phrases

Sometimes your product or service description might use a lot of technical jargon. Maybe you refer to complex data throughout your blogs. It can be tempting to show off your excellent vocabulary related to your area of knowledge, but when it comes to writing for your audience, it’s better to keep your use of language simple.

This is not a reflection of how you see your audience, they may be more than capable of understanding the jargon. However, when you write with clear and simple language, you ensure that your message is heard and understood by as many audience members as possible.

If readers have further questions that require more complicated answers, add clear and attractive CTA’s through which questions can be asked directly.

Keep your Readers Hooked

As mentioned earlier, just because a reader has clicked on your blog or webpage, that doesn’t mean they will read the entirety of your content. They might skim through, or they might simply lose interest after reading a couple of lines. One of the main considerations in writing engaging content is keeping your reader hooked.

Use revealing case studies, relevant examples, and compelling stories throughout your content to keep the reader interested in the content you have to offer.

Use your Content to Solve Problems

Why are you writing content? Hopefully for your audience; it’s because you recognise their problem, and can offer an effective solution. This is why your content is going to be so interesting in the first place!

The online blog space is crowded, with thousands of new blogs being published every day. Among the noise, being able to solve your audiences’ problems well is what is going to set you apart.

You can become more visible and create a genuine connection with your audience members if you demonstrate your understanding of their pain points. Customers of all kinds want to know that the businesses they engage with align with their personal beliefs and values.

Hard to Ignore, Easy to Read Content

You don’t have to aim for huge viral success with every piece of content. The main target is to create content that images and inspires your readers to choose to interact with your business, and to keep coming back. When you can create this type of content consistently, you will fulfil your audience’s wants and needs and establish yourself as a reputable, trusted, high-quality business.

Create content using the guidelines above to write compelling and engaging material, so that your audience knows who to come to in their times of need.


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