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Reframing Content to Maximise Your Reach

The internet is the most direct, easy, and effective way to reach consumers, but only if it’s used correctly. There are now 1.8 billion websites. With so much choice on the internet, making your brand stand out can be difficult. To reach a wide audience, reframing content is critical.

 The saturation in most internet markets means that consumers can switch products easily. The famous accounting firm Deloitte claims the customers of today are ‘less loyal’. Keeping your target audience engaged is key to having your content shared beyond your follower base. Maximising your reach is about targeting those who don’t yet know what your brand can offer them.

Change Your Perspective

When we think of how to approach social media in general, we usually think of what we can offer in terms of content production. But what do our favourite artists, musicians, authors, and other creatives think about pushing content? By reframing how we approach social media, we can envision it as a gathering place where people come to collect information. People use social media to be entertained, educated, or both. By offering your audience the chance to be entertained and educated, you can enhance your personal relationships with your audience.

Use Multiple Content Distribution Platforms to Your Advantage

Make use of the content distribution platforms that are available to you. Find out where your target audience is the most engaged, and use at least three social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more, to reach your target audience. The largest user base won’t always deliver results, think of how your engagement rates play a role in brand awareness and likeability. By using at least three different platforms, you can diversify your content by reframing it, and allow users on these platforms to see what you have to offer. Monitoring analytics on these platforms allows you to see what content is driving your highest engagement rates, and you can alter your content based on the feedback of the analytics.

Captivate Your Audience

Internet markets are highly saturated, meaning consumers are spoiled for choice, and they will have no obligation to stick with a brand that they don’t feel a connection to. Content saturation is also a huge issue that can affect your audience’s engagement. To stand out from the crowd, your content needs to be fresh, original, and captivating. By repurposing content, you can give your content an entirely new look that appeals to consumers. Diversifying your content strategies is a great way to ensure that your content doesn’t seem repetitive. By using your networks to your advantage, you can upload different styles of content to different platforms, and adjust your offerings to meet current trends.

Be Quick, But Detail Your Objective

With the important role of social media in online sales, you must understand what appeals to your consumers. Today’s consumers are overrun with purchasing options – especially on the internet. By appealing to the short attention spans of consumers, you can produce content that won’t be scrolled past. Sending a clear message to your audience in the first five seconds of a video, or the first line of a caption or article is the quickest way to keep your audience engaged. Rather than have them wondering what it is you offer – state your objective clearly and quickly. Think less about marketing and pushing your products onto consumers. Think more about the social aspect of social media and what consumers are really paying attention to.

Have a Dedicated Social Media Team

Social media users are expecting answers to their questions and concerns as quickly as possible. Having a team dedicated to monitoring social media accounts ensures that consumers will stay engaged. Brands who offer limited customer engagement, or have slow response times, are less likely to retain old customers, as well as gain new ones. To build brand awareness, recognition, and trust, responding quickly can help your brand to achieve its goals.


Reframing your brand’s content will allow you to reach the widest possible audience and maximise your brand’s reach. Through the diversification of content, having a significant social media presence, and captivating your audience, your brand can achieve online success. It’s too simple to get caught up in old habits – but the internet is a fast-moving, constantly changing place. Staying relevant means being dynamic and altering your offerings to meet the demands of consumers. Through social media, your brand can use analytics to predict the demands of consumers before they even know they want them.

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