Marketing Productivity Tips

Marketing Productivity Tips

‘I have far too much time on my hands!’ is a complaint you will rarely hear marketers make. The world of marketing is a busy one to say the least. Even when you think you think you’ve filled your schedule, something new comes up and time is of the essence, so you work an extra hour, or an extra day, to keep your clients happy.

Marketing can be stressful. We understand. To help you and your team save time, we’ve compiled a list of marketing productivity tips. These are basic guidelines for you to consider when trying to get everything done on time.

Tip #1: Use Scheduling Tools

According to an insightful HubSpot survey, marketers spend about a third of their work week on the following routine tasks:

  • Collecting and organising data
  • Data analysis
  • Sending emails
  • Creating landing pages
  • Social media management

Instead of spending so much time on these routine tasks, marketers can benefit from automation and scheduling tools. Scheduling can help you manage your social media, blog posting, and email distribution, so that you don’t need to be at the desk every time something needs to be published. Google Calendar lets you plan far ahead and notifies you about upcoming tasks and deadlines.

Tip #2: Embrace Automation!

Automation is not just a matter of generic replies to comments and emails. Automation can be personalised and saves you having to nurture each and every lead (remember that your leads are not always ready to buy). With automated lead nurturing, you can gain valuable insight regarding the quality of your leads and understand which of your leads are most likely to convert.

The time saved through automation means that you and your team have more time to focus on other areas of your campaign. Quality matters when it comes to any campaign, so any time you can save and allocate toward quality improvement is worth it.

Tip #3: Use a Communication App for your Team

Much time is spent and wasted if you’re communicating with your team by emails back and forth, saved notes and questions, and lists of tasks. Utilise a time-saving communication app like Teamwork or Click Up to manage everyone’s workload and schedules. Files can be uploaded and categorised on these apps. And users can get notified about updates and due dates.

 Tip #4: Prioritise

 Many of us are guilty of procrastination. It is all too tempting to see that big task and push it back, that is until the deadline is soon approaching, and you realise you’ve only done the bare minimum. Instead of leaving important tasks to the last minute, place them at the top of your priority list. If you don’t have a priority list, make one!

Though some tasks can seem daunting, doing them first means that you get them out of the way. This will hopefully give you some peace of mind that the hardest part of the workday is over.

Tip #5: Reduce Distractions

Though communication and availability are important for every marketer, it is too easy to become distracted from work when your phone is right there on the desk or Facebook is open in another tab. If you have one task to do, try to give it all of your attention. Close Facebook or put your phone on silent for a little while. With this new laser focus, you might notice that the quality of your work improves and the time it took you to do it was less than you expected.

Tip #6: Know When to Say No

 It can be tempting to yes to every project and request that comes your way, especially if you are a new, small business or just starting out in marketing. Reputation matters in the industry and obviously you don’t want to begin by disappointing people. However, it is important to understand that it is alright to say no every once in a while. Excessive work is a sure way to kill productivity. Instead of getting a million things finished at once, you will burn yourself out and end up not finishing anything! Say no when your schedule is full and stick to realistic deadlines.


Being productive does not mean that you work until your fingers bleed or you fall asleep at your desk. Productivity is about effective time management, knowing what to prioritise and delegate, and knowing when you have too much work on your plate. Follow the above tips to save time and hopefully improve the overall quality of your work.

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